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Online Advertising

Is as easy as follows: >>Go to superorangebook.com, >>Sign up, >>Type your name & Last name, email, Business info, >>Enter payment method.

Your ad will available and displayed in our page in 24 hours or as soon as your payment clears from our end.

Price for each Ad:

Contact us for price information.


Printed Magazine

  • Our magazines have paces in which you place your ad.
  • Magazine comes out every  months.
  • 20,000 per zone Magazines
  • No Contract
  • No Deposit
  • You can choose how many months you want us to work together.
  • Bring your own advertising design or have us create one for you
  • You can choose the area where you want your ad to be distributed.

Payment must be made un month prior to the printing date of the magazine.

Ad Requirements:

  • At the moment we only offer Full and Half page Size ad and full color
  • Why? Because we want your ad to look more elegant, also because you will be able    to specify what your business has to offer to the public and specially to your future customers.

Digital Magazine

We will place your ad on our digital magazine, you will be able to share it on social media (Coming Soon)

  • Wall Mounted Box for Business Cards

Contact us for price information.

We have spaces in which you can place your business cards. We put this mounted boxes in specific places and locations in which is known to have a lot of traffic of people, for example Supermarkets, Restaurant, etc.

In this space, you will rent a space and pay a monthly fee, a 12-month contract is required for this type of advertisement. We have mounts in 10 establishments per town.

Depending on the town you want your business cards to be display, we will assure you that you’ll business type will be the only one displayed so you don’t have to worry about competing with others.

We can design and print your business cards. The price will depend on the design you want and on number of towns you want to purchase.

You can also provide your own business cards and you’ll only be charge for the space monthly fee.


Truck Trailer Ad

Contact us for price information.

Advertise your business with us like a pro. You can choose from our variety of prices and payment options ranging from weekly payments to yearly payments (recommended).  We work this method by driving around an advertising truck through specific cities and in specific times that people are usually out to promote your business. Contact us for more information.

Advertise with Us

Listing your company in SuperOrangeBook.com should be at the top of your priority list. We are quickly becoming one of the best places on the internet for consumers to find businesses and quality reviews.

There’s no questions that consumers are using the internet to navigate their way to local businesses and retailers.

The listings we offer will promote your business to customers that are looking for information for any of their needs.

We offer online advertising tools to easily open your account and receive a great number of new customers in a short period of time. We connect buyers and sellers in the whole New Jersey ,Newyork and Texas area and eventually the continental U.S.

For us, marketing your business is a simple task. With the right time and effort, you can find yourself attracting a whole slew of new clients to your business.

Online directories are where potential clients turn to find business solutions in this digital era we live in. adding your business to our directory is extremely important as it’ll greatly improve the traffic of new customers to you.

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